lunes, 9 de mayo de 2016


  1. ALVIRA, R.             8
  2. ASPELEITER, D.     8
  3. AYALA, C.               7
  4. BARROS, M.F.         10
  5. BRAVO, E.                8
  6. CAPRA, S.                 8
  7. CURVALAN, S.           7
  8. DA SILVA, K.           10
  9. DIAZ PEREZ, P         8
  10. ESCALANTE, P.        7
  11. FERRARI, F.          8             
  12. GALVAN, D.          8
  13. GAUNA, L.                 10
  14. JINKS, P.                     8
  15. LIBERZONE, C.        8
  16. MARTINEZ, M.              8        
  17. MELGAREJO,J.          8
  18. MEZA, D.                    8
  19. OYOLA, E.                  7
  20. PORCEL, A.               10
  21. REDONDO, P.                10
  22. SALCEDO, M.               8
  23. SOTO, B.                      7
  24. VILLANUSTRE, M.P.                8           

homework for students from Tuesday and Wednesday

(May2016) Homework for students of Tuesday and Wednesday classes:

* Watch anyvideo about PRESENT PERFECT introduced by teachers inyoutube.

* Think of actions you started at some moment in the past and you still continue doing them

or you're living their consequences. Write 6 sentences.


  I've been teaching English for many years.(Pres.PerfectCont.)
  I've taught English since I was 20.(Pres.Perfect)

jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015

Questions in a conversation using basic structures

-When were you born? When was your father / mother born?
- Where were you born?
-How old were you when you started the university?
-Have you got a pet? What´s its name?
-Have you ever been to Cordoba?
-Whose is that bag?
-How often do you go to the dentist?
-How far is your house from the Obelisc?
-What did you have for breakfast?
-Why aren´t you wearing a sweater?
-Who  bought you that ring/ necklace ?
-What will you do when you finish the university?
-How long have you waited for this exam?
-What´s your house like?
.-How much is a sandwich in the cafeteria?
-How many people are there in your family?
-How do you come to the university?
-What do you do?

Use these outlines to write an anecdote.

90 / 100 words

WHEN  :  A winter night
WHO:    the Brown family
WHERE :  beach house
WHAT :  heard a baby crying outside

Winter holidays. Played cards. Went to bed. Mr. and Mrs. Brown first woke up. What was it? What did they do?


WHO :  Dr. Allen
WHERE : at the hospital
WHEN : late at night
WHAT :  found a dog in a patient´s room

He operated Alfred. Went to talk with relatives. Only a cat in the room! What happened? What did Dr. Allen do?

Practise listening watching Paul Smith´s video


 FIRST :watch the video several times.

 SECOND :go to the text in the booklet and listen and read.

 THIRD :identify transparent words.

 FOURTH: look up in the dictionary the words you ignore.


lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

Revision of verbal tenses.

   Tenses Chart

                          Present Simple

Str                              Structure and Usage

PA     PAST                PRESENT             FUTURE

                    Tom takes a bus to work every day.

The present simple is used to express daily routines and habits. Adverbs of frequency such as 'usually', 'sometimes', 'rarely', etc. are often used with the present simple.This tense is often used with the following time expressions:
always,usually,sometimes,everyday, on Sundays, Tuesdays, etc.
Basic Construction
Subject + Present Tense + object(s) + time Expression
Tom             takes               a bus to work       every day.
Subject + do / does + not (don't / doesn't) + verb + object(s) + time Expression
They don't often go to Chicago.
(Question Word) + do / does + subject + verb + object(s) + time Expression
How often                     do          you        play         golf?
Test your understanding with this short quiz.

Verbal tenses practice

Q: We ______ for our English test at the moment.
 are study
 are studying

Q: _____ TV now?
 Does he watch
 Is he watching
 Watching he

Q: My friends ______ this week.
 are traveling
 is traveling

Q: They _____ anything important at the moment.
 are doing
 aren't doing
 don't doing

Q: _____ you with your homework?
 Is she helping
 Do she helping
 Helps she

Q: What _____ home so early?
 does he doing
 are he doing
 is he doing

Q: Mary _____ me. I'm doing it on my own.
 is helping
 isn't helping

Q: My friends ______ baseball at the club.
 are playing
 is playing


Q: Where ______ on vacation last summer?
 went you
 did you went
 did you go

Q: They ______ until 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
 not arrived
 didn't arrive
 doesn't arrive

Q: We _____ a bus to Chicago last week.
 did took

Q: _____ to the party last weekend?
 Did you go
 Went you
 Where went

Q: They _____ a swimming pool into their backyard last summer.
 did put

Q: Where _____ this afternoon?
 did go
 did he go
 did he went

Q: She _____ home early from the party yesterday.
 didn't came

Q: How much ___________for the car?

 does you pay
 did you pay
 paid you

Q: They _____ the play very much.
 didn't enjoys
 didn't enjoyed
 didn't enjoy

Q: When ____ that crazy idea?
 did you get
 did you got
 got you