lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

Verbal tenses practice

Q: We ______ for our English test at the moment.
 are study
 are studying

Q: _____ TV now?
 Does he watch
 Is he watching
 Watching he

Q: My friends ______ this week.
 are traveling
 is traveling

Q: They _____ anything important at the moment.
 are doing
 aren't doing
 don't doing

Q: _____ you with your homework?
 Is she helping
 Do she helping
 Helps she

Q: What _____ home so early?
 does he doing
 are he doing
 is he doing

Q: Mary _____ me. I'm doing it on my own.
 is helping
 isn't helping

Q: My friends ______ baseball at the club.
 are playing
 is playing


Q: Where ______ on vacation last summer?
 went you
 did you went
 did you go

Q: They ______ until 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
 not arrived
 didn't arrive
 doesn't arrive

Q: We _____ a bus to Chicago last week.
 did took

Q: _____ to the party last weekend?
 Did you go
 Went you
 Where went

Q: They _____ a swimming pool into their backyard last summer.
 did put

Q: Where _____ this afternoon?
 did go
 did he go
 did he went

Q: She _____ home early from the party yesterday.
 didn't came

Q: How much ___________for the car?

 does you pay
 did you pay
 paid you

Q: They _____ the play very much.
 didn't enjoys
 didn't enjoyed
 didn't enjoy

Q: When ____ that crazy idea?
 did you get
 did you got
 got you

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