domingo, 17 de junio de 2012

Basic issues to have in mind when you describe an event or anecdote.

These points are the basic elements that you should remember when
writing a story, or describing an anecdote.

Describe in one sentence what you are going to write about.
Answer these two questions to let the reader know the time when
the story happens and where.
Don´t put too many characters in it. Try to keep it to two or three.
There must be a problem, or something that caused you fear, laughter,
embarassment, excitement or sadness.
This is the end of the story and describes the way everything ended.

NOTE: remember that if you start the story talking in the present tense,
 you should keep using it, the same as if you start in the past tense.
Be coherent.
Analyze the story below as an example:

Mrs. Lehman has the most beautiful garden in her neighbourhood.
She is very proud of it. Last Sunday, when she was preparing dinner
for her family, the bell rang. There was a nice boy at her gate, with a
colourful bunch of flowers in his hand.
"-Good afternoon, madam. Would you buy these nice flowers, please?
I need the money." said a very charming little boy.
"But I have lots of those flowers in my garden! dear," said Mrs. Lehman.
"No, you don´t. They are here in my hand now..." frankly explained
the boy with a big smile.
He had to run very fast because Mrs. Lehman was so angry she started
running after him, forgot the dinner in the oven and they had to eat delivery
pizza that evening.

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