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Try this site and you will find a new world of opportunities to test your English and practise in many different amusing ways. You can also watch videos, listen to dialogues and teachers talking to you. Don´t miss it!

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Here´s an example of what you can find:
Kenneth Beare

English as 2nd Language

By Kenneth Beare Guide since 1997

Writing Style

Friday March 11, 2011
This series of four lessons is designed to help students become familiar with writing an essay in English. The first lesson is designed to give students an overview of basic essay writing style. The final three lessons focus on developing skills that are used when analyzing texts as the basis of their essays.
Basic Essay Writing Style
Developing a Character Analysis
Using Themes to Relate to a Story
Getting Ideas Organized
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Practicing Conversations in English on Your Mobile Phone

Wednesday March 9, 2012
  One of the most important needs of many English learners is the opportunity to practice conversational English. Obviously, the best way to do this is to practice with a friend, teacher or other English speaker. Unfortunately, that's not always possible. I recently came across ESLai that is working on developing interactive chats focused on helping English learners. It looks very promising, and I hope they can create many new conversational opportunities soon. For right now, they have some beginner practice meant to be done on mobile phones! You can also practice on the internet as well.
Pizza Restaurant
Planning a Picnic
If you would like to improve your conversation skills in English, here are some more resources that can help:
Making Small Talk
Small Talk Lesson Plan
Wednesday March 9, 2012



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