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Más sitios para el aprendizaje y la práctica de inglés

Visitando estos sitios con tiempo para dedicar a las explicaciones y  
  los ejercicios, podrán progresar en el aprendizaje del idioma de una
manera independiente.

Noticia Completa

Para el estudio del inglés en linea, en
 forma gratuita.

Noticia Completa
You might know the saying 'The best things in life are free'. So what
are your alternatives to paid English courses? Free materials, services
and resources of course! And where do you find them?
You probably already know the answer: at
Let me give you some details on what exactly you can expect from our site for free:
the email English course you have been receiving for more than a year
A proofreading and editing service (you can get an unlimited number of essays
and texts proofread, edited and amended)feedback and advice on how to improve
your pronunciation and accent.
You can ask an unlimited number of grammar and vocabulary questions
thousands of interactive grammar and vocabulary tests and quizzes
hundreds of TOEIC and TOEFL listening comprehension exercises and  
questions, several complete TOEIC and TOEFL simulation tests with your
individual scores.
Now you might be thinking 'where is the catch' or 'how is it possible to get all
these things for free'? Well, our site pretty much operates like Google: You can get
a great variety of high quality services and products that are sponsored by a large
number of companies. too, is sponsored by companies that advertise on our site so we can
offer you such a variety of free services.
 It is our goal to provide free English language resources to anyone from any country.
How important are free English learning materials to you? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of having access to free resources? We have started a
forum poll on this question and you can read your fellow learners' thoughts and opinions
here: How important are free learning materials to you?

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