lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

Práctica de tiempos verbales básicos.

Choose the correct answer.
Q: How often _____ to the dentist?
 do you go
 does you go
 go you
Q: She ______ get up early on Saturdays.

Q: My father _____ at a bank.
 do work

Q: Where _____ live?
 do your uncle
 does your uncle
 your uncle

Q: They _____ play golf.

Q: She _____ fluent French and German.
 don't speak

Q: ______ into the countryside?
 Do you often drive
 Often does you drive
 Do you often drives

Q: I _____ drinking tea.
 don't like
 doesn't like
 not like

Q: Where _____?
 does they live
 do they live
 live they

Q: The teacher _____ hard every day!
 do work

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